Monday, September 12, 2011

wilted jasmine flowers

Yesterday's jasmine flowers
lie wilted,
smelling salts of your betrayal
prod painfully into consciousness
sedated dreams of trusting  love.
In the mirror looking back
smudged kohl, the ghost of  an expectation, uncertainity of a prayer.
the rain has left,
cold lust remains peering over the rusted gate in
failed attempts to find searching glances of hesitant goodbyes.
Tonight I shall not wait with jasmine flowers in my hair,
Tonight my ears shall not hear imagined footsteps in the falling rain
staying on in the hurried lines of a poem,
tonight i will..if only.. listen to the telling arguments I have with myself.


  1. every jasmine has to wilt, unfortunately.No escape from the fact of wilting but did the Jasmine made life any of of itself and others when it was alive and fresh is what matters.

  2. raju,wilted jasmines is a metaphor for the endless wait in our lives. we put them on in anticipation of love (hope largely of any kind) that never really arrives. I guess you are right in that the wait starts off with hope which in itself is perhaps a valuable feeling, but inevitably it shall wilt. The jasmine before wilting is hence i guess just as much symbolic of the wait, just that by the end of the night the hope fades with the fragrance of the flower. I hope this made some sense :)