Friday, June 17, 2011

...your forbidden land

Sediments of uncertain feelings
of you
incubated  inside me sterile
and broke out in violent rashes
of impractical unreasoned love.
Then I,
cartographer of unwieldy  terrains of passion,
lost her way in your winding labyrinths of desire,
An eternal wandering exile,
I became a settler
 on the fringes of
your forbidden land.


Something of you still remains,
refusing to exit,
like a fading stain of accidental encounters,
in echoes lurching forward in voiceless nightmares,
in uncertain ellipsis of unfinished conversations,
in shed skins  lying across my path
warning fangs of intolerance
snaked by,
in the first fallen leaf of autumn,
dancing death shrouding
your decaying promises
of my eternal spring,
in those hanging pebbles weighing down
frail wings of my escaping flight,
in the pieces of my rotting heart
lying like dead remains
of suicidal moths,
incinerated trust of
yesterday’s blinding love.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Waiting Return

When you came in,
my heart slammed its doors shut,
curled up in your lap
                 and left the world outside
life revolving unaware,
days submerging into nights
and nights dissolving in your arms.

When you came in,
seasons inconsequential,
                 in a kiss a thousand ignored past springs,
in the blinding light of your radiance,
the pursuing shadows
of anxious history abandoned .
When you left,
Time announced himself,
I dragged centuries along in conversation,
He moved in ennui his hands a second.
When you left , my love,
you left my heart ajar
in perpetual waiting
of that impossible return.