Sunday, September 25, 2011


Tonight while dark vermillion parts my hair,
in a hijab studded with wines of black pearls
that sings of a dreamless night
I have wrapped a secret whose
ends I don’t know, where lies its beginnings.

I can close my eyes and touch it
and hear you behind me
parrots from niches above us
flying into the dense clouds
casting shadows we cannot see.
I kept the hijab from flying
with the wind that murmured
apologies of delayed monsoons and a defiant sea.
You washed your feet on the marble sink
And I watched as you smiled at me.
I waited outside as you offered salah
And as if I always knew it 
like the scar behind my ear
that you'll trace with your fingers on another night 
I wanted at that moment to be
your prayer,
your belief,
your god and
 the earth you prostrate on.
Slightly laced with my perfume,
 I’ll return you the hijab tonight
and with it for safekeeping
this secret of a memory.


  1. Since you have written on hijab, you should see this written by some Pragati Cheerful Pious Believer!!! It was on FB...

    The Most Beautiful Girl

    The Most Beautiful Girl- No she's not Katrina Kaif nor Salma Heyek!!!

    No, she's not Diana Hayden nor is she Sushmita Sen,

    Not even Aishwarya Rai, Who is this girl then?

    No, she does not flash her legs nor walk down the aisle semi-nude

    For her such things are unthinkable, sacrilegious and downright rude

    Miss World, Miss Universe, Miss "Anything", She does not aspire to be

    She shuns all kinds of publicity in privacy she would rather be

    Never in a swimming costume will she for a camera pose

    Yes, she's the 'Girl in Hijaab' more beautiful than a rose!

    Those who're "stripped" of modesty will "strip" for any cause

    Whether on a lonely beach or in front of a full house

    In their naked greed they dance in pursuit of this earth's glory

    Is there a thing more vulgar than a woman devoid of modesty?

    In the name of freedom all moral values are now defined

    Vulgarity, nudism, nakedness are steps to fame that wind

    Those who are of rotten minds call it freedom of "female" species

    Yet, they exploit them a-plenty, whenever and wherever they please.

    But for their terrible transgressions maybe they are not fully to

    blame, We Human's forgot our duty and let them live in shame

    Incumbent upon the us it was to promote good and stop all vice

    If we had done ourr duty such situations wouldn't arise

    Back to our girl in hijaab much loved in GOD's sight

    She's a darling of all the angels Heaven beckons to her, by right

    She's a simple human Girl Yet more beautiful than a full moon

    The brightness of her face is all "Noor" can there be a greater boon?

    Modesty is her birth right without it, she'd feel lost

    "Shamelessness" is a Devil's tool that she avoids at any cost

    No, she does not commit sinful acts nor to base desires give vent

    In studies, of GOD'S word much of her time is spent

    In obedience of GOD's commands she does all the things wise

    And the riches that she scorns befits a "Princess of Paradise"

    Our beloved Prophet (PBUH) said modesty is a part of faith

    For those who follow not we solemnly lay a wreath

    No, she's not Diana Hayden nor she is Sushmita Sen

    Nothing on earth would entice her Rupees, Dollars or Yen!

  2. Prem, thanks for the comment, somehow I disagree with the tone of the poem which equates hijab with modesty and by the same coin calls women who don't wear one vulgar, naked and in disobedience to God. Hijab is a choice, respect, but not wearing one is also a choice, respect it too.

  3. Thanks for the reply. I too share the same view..

  4. On second thoughts, Knowing you, I think I missed out the sarcasm with which you must have shared the poem, apologies ;)