Sunday, September 25, 2011


Tonight while dark vermillion parts my hair,
in a hijab studded with wines of black pearls
that sings of a dreamless night
I have wrapped a secret whose
ends I don’t know, where lies its beginnings.

I can close my eyes and touch it
and hear you behind me
parrots from niches above us
flying into the dense clouds
casting shadows we cannot see.
I kept the hijab from flying
with the wind that murmured
apologies of delayed monsoons and a defiant sea.
You washed your feet on the marble sink
And I watched as you smiled at me.
I waited outside as you offered salah
And as if I always knew it 
like the scar behind my ear
that you'll trace with your fingers on another night 
I wanted at that moment to be
your prayer,
your belief,
your god and
 the earth you prostrate on.
Slightly laced with my perfume,
 I’ll return you the hijab tonight
and with it for safekeeping
this secret of a memory.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Pardon her
stretched out haikkus
a butterfly flaps
In simaisma
where desert looked to the sea
poet he was born
i cant write haikku
even my cat purrs out one
i swear i tried hard

Monday, September 12, 2011

wilted jasmine flowers

Yesterday's jasmine flowers
lie wilted,
smelling salts of your betrayal
prod painfully into consciousness
sedated dreams of trusting  love.
In the mirror looking back
smudged kohl, the ghost of  an expectation, uncertainity of a prayer.
the rain has left,
cold lust remains peering over the rusted gate in
failed attempts to find searching glances of hesitant goodbyes.
Tonight I shall not wait with jasmine flowers in my hair,
Tonight my ears shall not hear imagined footsteps in the falling rain
staying on in the hurried lines of a poem,
tonight i will..if only.. listen to the telling arguments I have with myself.