Tuesday, December 27, 2011

When in the span of this night
did you cease becoming a stranger,
when did your voice as if in a morning prayer
calling me from behind, from across a dream
become recognizable?

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I crave the lost taste of hunger,
yet I notice how the citric smell of mango flowers fill the air,
how in tiny ripples rain announces its arrival in my courtyard pool,
I trace the flap of the crows against the palm fronds,
I stare listlessly at the ants making their way in a hurry
I soak in the infinite voices of silence,
still its not enough to out crowd
the constant thoughts of you
I let the ocean be tonight,
interrupting our conversation
roaring in dissent
foaming around its mouth in rabid rage of rejection
in occasions i challenged it with my eyes to come lick
a slice of this tranquility
in which you and i were
the only part
but in the end i just let it be
claiming us-laughing covered in sticky sand-in a snatch of hurry
and tugging us back into its fold