Monday, May 30, 2011

Lunch Break

The summer air,
flames leaping,
kissing, burning,
           ceremonious walk to the canteen,
           exhaling thoughts, mind meandering,
imagining watching it rain
unearthed obscure worlds away.

Meeting you,
Untangling glances,
adamant in a transient knot,
seeing nothing of the watching eyes on me,
hearing nothing of the chattering cacophony
of hungry orderings or clattering spoons,
only you existed and
your eyes that looked back.

Between eating and walking back,
And chasing deadlines uninspiring,
For those few unsettling handful of seconds,
I wished my eyes wrapped on to yours would speak
words curled up in a difficult lump,
refusing to go down my parched throat .

As I walk back into my escapable turmoil
I see you waiting under the tree,
I smiled,
walked past and forced the instance
-sun bald, scalding,
you waiting,
your back turned to me-
into a dark panelled room
of escaping memories.