Thursday, May 12, 2011

Strangers in a Metro

And then the same monotonous voice,
of the woman from beyond,
the doors pull apart and
with the crowd in you walk.
The winter chill still in your hair
we stood uncomfortably close,
smelling sweat of strangers
who pushed and shoved,
eyes meeting, fleeting
in unrecognized recognition,
And I wondered of have beens
in a world unenclosed.

Would you let me smell your hair,
and bite you on your neck.
Will you ink me little kisses
and watch me undress.
You'll snore through your nose,
and  I will have poems read out
I would think of you when it rains,
and you will smile in the middle of nowheres.
Frantic sex in dingy elevators,
smelling shamelessly of 
cigarettes and each other.
Like rats on our roofs,
dreams shall breed
infesting on insecurities that came with us,
and we'll fight and hate and loathe
and love
in vigour.

And then the doors will part screeching in defeat
when your journey ends and mine begins,
you will walk out scorned in love,
distressed with us ever meeting,
unlike the stranger in a metro,
whom I met and left
with no name
or memories to recall.

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  1. like rats on roofs, dreams shall breed..infesting on insecurities witihin us... wow, this poem i think is my favourite..u mind if i share this blog link with sappu and andrew??