Monday, July 22, 2013

I am the river
in which you drain
your poison.

I don't complain;
I flow, I flow
like blood from fresh wounds.
But more importantly,
I feed you myself
for your incestuous deaths.


  1. Aparna, I think one of my previous comments didn't get published. I came across your writing through one of Raju's video of your poem. I hardly paid any attention to the imagery, I was so transfixed by the words. I asked your blog address to Raju, and he was not very amused that I was more impressed by your writing than his editing skills :D Anyways, glad to come across your writing. There's a painful similarity in your style and a friend who was... Hope to be in touch. (I write on a blog called 'Veruugal')
    - Chandni

    1. Thank you Chandini for your kind words. It has been so long since I have come this side, and it feels so good to have a message years old waiting for you.