Tuesday, January 3, 2012

What does one do with profane memories??
Make love to it and breed more blurred incestuous ones?
or weave a song out of it
and wear it as a green glass necklace around your neck
or toss it into the overflowing red bucket
where you threw your two day old black petticoat
with shame smelling all over it


  1. LOL !!! Cute Poetry !! Though must say aparn , read your other works & loved it !! Keep Writing & Keep smilin' !Waiting for ur magnum Opus .. Cheers Lt.NW

  2. dear anonymous, I was having a terrible day until now, thanks for the cheer.

  3. Hmmm...you look like an angel...pure and calm...but there's beast inside u....

  4. :D if i don't deny the angel,
    why will i deny the beasts??

  5. hahaha...u are a master of words..i can't compete with u here...
    but i prefer seeing u as an angel...don't want to mess with the beast part...:-)