Sunday, October 30, 2011

She, Her, Me

I am She
I am Her
Some days I like my coffee black,
on others with a pint of whiskey,
there are days I cry watching Casablanca but
there is no day I like pink on me.
Yes I am bad at math,
but dude, anyday I can beat you in arm wrestling
I could have twins some day,
but throw a bomb next Tuesday.
I can dye my hair red tomorrow
and you can watch my thillana danced the thanjavoor way.
I earn more than the guy I am with,
I don't sleep with my boss,
but I could, and oh she is a woman.
Every third friday of the month I get a little mad at the world
and no, every other sunday I don't wish I was married with kids and
Some days I make love,
Sometimes i just fuck,
I am still She,
I am still Her,
I  just am not
every one of your stereotype.


  1. the silences have increasingly become higly inflammable....

  2. that is the intention, hopefully it will be followed through :) :) thanks raju

  3. Hmmm....thoda mushkil hai ise samajhna....par jo bhi hai acha hai...